Farm work is risky and if steps to minimise risk and the chance of accidents are not taken employees can be seriously injured. While heavy machinery and equipment might be the most obvious risks to workers there are other risks too, including the danger of injury while handling hay bales..

Hay bales can weigh up to four or nine stone depending on their size, so it’s clear that they could injury if incorrectly stacked or handled.

If you’ve been hurt while working with hay bales and the negligence of someone else, or inadequate health and safety regimes, then YouClaim may be able to claim compensation to help cushion the financial blow of being out of work and having to pay for medical bills.

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The Risks Involved

Around 15 per cent of all farming accidents are caused by moving or falling objects – and hay bales cause a share of these injuries.

Incorrectly stacked hay bales are prone to collapsing onto an individual, and poorly secured large bales can roll off of a vehicle which is transporting them.

A victim who suffers injury from a larger hay bale is likely to sustain serious injuries which could even result in death – as was the case for one unfortunate Devonshire farmer in December 2010, who was crushed by a 200kg bale and whose fractured ribs caused him to contract pneumonia and later pass away in hospital.

Even lighter bales can cause severe personal injury. One 59kg bale is heavy enough to cause harm, but if many of these bales fall onto a person they could suffer life-changing injuries.

Children can potentially suffer much greater damage if a heavy weight lands on them, and are likely to climb up the bales if a hay-barn is left open to them.

Employer's Responsibilities

A farmer should make sure that hay bales, both large and small, are securely stacked or fastened in a barn or on vehicles moving them from one part of the farm to another. Both the general public and farm employees could suffer as a result of negligence to safety in this area.

Can You Make a Claim?

If you have sustained a personal injury as a visitor or a farm-hand due to unsecured bales of hay falling or while moving a hay bale without the proper training or safety procedures, one of our expert no win no fee lawyers could help you make a claim for compensation. To discuss your situation with our team call us now on 0800 10 757 95 or request a callback from our team by filling in our contact form.

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