Farm Accident Claims

The farming and agricultural industry is one of the riskiest sectors for employees due to the physically demanding labour and dangerous machinery involved. Thousands of accidents occur on UK farms every year, despite extensive regulation from bodies including the Health and Safety Executive, and some of these accidents are sadly fatal.

If you’ve been hurt while working on a farm and it was not your fault, then YouClaim’s solicitors can claim farm accident compensation for your injury. We’ve experience in all kinds of accident claims, from the minor to the very serious and life changing.

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The Risks of Working On a Farm

The most obvious risks of agricultural work are injuries from equipment including combine harvesters and hay baling machines, as well as accidents involving heavy duty vehicles like tractors.

As well as this farm employees are at risk of becoming trapped in grain silos, being exposed to harmful chemicals and gases, and could also be electrocuted by faulty equipment.

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Why Do Accidents Happen?

According to the HSE, the majority of accidents in agriculture are caused by, but not limited to:

  • Inadequate training or lack of competence
  • Technologically hazardous environments
  • Risk taking and unsafe practices
  • Environmental factors
  • Poor management

Figures from the HSE also suggest that there is a lack of health and safety training in the sector, with a quarter of agricultural employees stating they were never informed about health and safety requirements for their role.

Typical Compensation Amounts

Unfortunately farming injuries tend to be serious and debilitating due to the kinds of machinery and work involved. While every claim is completely different and an accurate estimate cannot be made until you speak to an expert solicitor, below are some average compensation amounts for certain common injuries suffered on a farm:

  • Arm injuries including amputations – the loss of one or both arms, or severe injuries to the arms, result in comprehensive medical treatment and could affect your ability to work. Compensation amounts for these injuries range from £5,225 to £235 675 depending on their severity.
  • Brain damage – brain damage can be relatively minor or incredibly severe, but in many cases it results in mobility, speech and memory problems or even personality changes. If you’ve suffered brain damage in a farming accident your compensation amount will range from £12,100 to £317,350 depending on the specific circumstances.
  • Hand injuries including amputations/digit loss – hand injuries can be particularly serious for farm employees, leaving them unable to continue in their profession. If you’ve hurt your hands while working on a farm you compensation amount could range from £27, 940 to £158, 400
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