Roofing Accident Claims

Many construction accidents involving falls from height result in personal injuries such as broken limbs, paralysis and brain damage, and in the worst cases, death. A fall from height is still by far the most significant cause of death or major injury in the construction industry and employers are obliged to protect workers at height and obtain necessary insurance. Any neglect of this duty could result in an employer having to pay a fine.

Prevention of roof falls, especially from height, is a major health and safety issue as fatalities can easily occur, sadly very often involving young workers.

If you or a loved one has fallen from height while carrying out a roofing job and have suffered injuries as a result contact our team now on 0800 10 757 95 to discuss the possibility of making a claim.

Risk factors

Factors that may cause a worker to fall include sudden movement, workers moving from one surface to another, loss of grip, bad weather conditions, a surface not being capable of supporting a load, and fall prevention systems being incorrectly used or not being used at all.

Time pressure and demands to complete a job on time sometimes cause workers to cut corners and put their own safety at risk.

Some roofing materials can become fragile or brittle after exposure to strong weather conditions. Serious personal injuries and fatalities have occurred when employees have fallen through roofs made of brittle materials like asbestos, cement sheets and glass skylights.

People who erect scaffolds have legal responsibilities under HSE standards. Scaffolding for roof work has to be properly erected and easy to use and dismantle.

Can you make a claim?

If a worker falls from a great height, it could be the end of their career and even the end of their life.
We can help you make a no win, no fee compensation claim which can help with treatment of your injuries and rehabilitation. Medical treatment can often be arranged by us too, and the cost for this can be included as part of your compensation claim.

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