Ladder accident claims

Many people in the UK – including window cleaners, painters and decorators and building site workers– use ladders regularly, but unfortunately, each year thousands are injured in falls. People can also be badly hurt using ladders to hang Christmas decorations, and teachers are also at risk if using ladders to put work on the wall.

Essential precautions

Prevention of accidents should be a simple matter of the user or their employer putting practical measures in place to reduce risks of a fall, but if your employer fails to do so or fails to train you sufficiently, you may be eligible to make a ladder accident claim for compensation.

These precautions are likely to include securing the ladder to a stable surface at the top and, if a particularly long ladder, mid-way along its length. Its feet should also be prevented from slipping, either by technical means such as stays and grippers or human action halting possible movement.

Modern suction pads and grippers of various styles are generally efficient at holding the feet steady but there can be circumstances where they will not be effective enough to prevent a workplace accident.

Other things to consider

Ladders should also not be used under the following circumstances:

  • Strong wing, rain or heavy snow
  • On unstable surfaces
  • If the surface is slippery
  • If it cannot be placed at a safe angle to a wall

The HSE add that should it be possible to safely clean the windows from the inside of a building, then, the window cleaner should do this rather than take the risk yourself.

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