Factory Accident Claims

Factory accidents are amongst the most common workplace accidents and here at YouClaim we regularly deal with claims for accidents in factories ranging from slips and trips to serious chemical burns.

Accidents can happen in any kind of factory environment and while an employer cannot foresee every potential danger they must take reasonable steps to identify risks and put measures in place to avoid them.

If you’ve been injured and the negligence of your employer was to blame then YouClaim’s expert solicitors can make a claim on your behalf. To chat about your situation call us now on 0800 10 757 95. You can also use our live chat facility or fill in our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Your Employer’s Responsibilities

Your employer should always provide you with the right footwear and clothing for your work, should provide relevant training and should also make sure there are provisions in place to keep floors debris free eg. a dedicated cleaning team. If they fail to create a safe working environment and you are injured as a result, you can claim compensation.

Common Risks in Factories

Risks in a factory that can lead to an accident include:

  • Equipment failure
  • Improper training or lack of training, particularly when using heavy machinery
  • Uneven flooring
  • Spilt liquids
  • Debris
  • Loose wires
  • Chemicals that may cause burns
  • Unsafe electrical equipment
  • Improperly barriered higher levels

Common Injuries

There are more risks of injury in a factory than in most other workplaces. Here at YouClaim we’ve dealt with claims for a variety of injuries, from crushing injuries to limbs to burns and severed digits caused by faulty equipment.

Other risks include falls from height, electrocution and injuries to the eyes. We take on any kind of claim and if your injury isn’t mentioned here it doesn’t mean we can’t take on your case – call us now and we’ll help.

How Much Compensation Could You Receive?

While we cannot give you an accurate idea of how much compensation you could claim as every situation is completely different, there are some average compensation amounts below. These are ballpark figures that should be taken as a guideline – the best way to get a more accurate estimate is by speaking to one of our expert solicitors.

  • Head injuries – knocks to the head can result in anything from concussion to severe and long lasting memory, mobility and personality issues. If you’ve suffered a head injury in a factory accident you could claim compensation of between £1,732 and £317,350 depending on the severity of your injuries.
  • Back injuries – if you’ve fallen from height while working in a factory your back could be badly injured. General compensation amounts for back injuries range from £30,470 to £126,000 depending on the severity of the injuries suffered.
  • Knee injuries – injuries to the knees are common in factory accidents. If you’ve suffered injuries to your knees after a fall or other incident your compensation amount could range from £10,780 to £75,625 depending on the specifics of your circumstances.
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