Accident at Work Claims

Most workplaces have a certain level of risk, whether it’s the dangers of working with dangerous chemicals or having to work at height and use industrial equipment. No-one expects to be injured at work and when it happens many have to deal with the financial implications of being out of work as well as their physical injuries and psychological distress.

Accidents at work can be doubly frustrating if the incident was through no fault of your own, but YouClaim can help. Employees are protected by certain laws setting out rules which their employers must follow to ensure their safety – if these are breached and injuries occur a compensation claim can be made.

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We handle accident at work claims for brain and head injuries, orthopaedic injuries, burns and scalds, accidents on farms and construction sites, and a variety of other workplace injuries. We can also claim compensation for very serious injuries including partial or total paralysis.

Your Rights

If you have been injured in workplace accident you may feel reluctant to make a compensation claim against your employer for fear of souring your relationship with them, but you have the legal right to do so – and remember that they will have insurance in place to cover compensation claims and similar fees.

No matter what your job is, your employer has a duty to protect you against injury. They are required by law to take steps to prevent any reasonably foreseeable accidents or injuries. If they fail to do this and you are injured as a result, then you are entitled to make an accident at work compensation claim against them.

How Should Your Employer Protect You?

In all UK workplaces employers must carry out risk assessments to identify potential hazards and accidents, and must take steps to prevent these from occurring. As well as this they should have strict working guidelines in place to deal with accidents should they happen.

Steps employers should take to keep staff safe could include:

  • Keeping working areas clear of hazards (loose wires, debris, spillages)
  • Providing the right training for all tasks
  • Providing relevant safety equipment
  • Examples of breaches of workplace regulations could include:
  • Your employer asking you to carry out a task for which you are not trained
  • Not providing safety hats/boots/protective gear when working with chemicals
  • Failing to keep factory floors clear of debris

If your accident was due to the negligence of your employer, or the negligence of another colleague, you will be able to make a claim.

Steps to Take Following a Workplace Accident

We appreciate that the days and weeks following a work accident can be stressful but following the below advice can help to boost the chances of making a successful claim. You should:

  • Report the work accident to your manager and make sure it is accurately recorded in the accident book as soon as possible. This log could be used as evidence in your claim.
  • Keep a note of any witnesses to the incident
  • Find out if any similar incidents have happened previously and find out if they were reported to your employer (it will strengthen your case if your employer was aware of a potential accident and did nothing to prevent it)
  • Don't give a written statement to your employer about the incident

Types of incident we can help you claim for

There are many different kinds of accidents which can occur in the workplace, from chemical spills and equipment accidents in factories to falls in supermarkets. Select the most relevant type of injury from the below list to find out how we can help you in more detail, or find your job type under "Workplaces and Professions":

How Much Could You Claim?

Here at YouClaim we take each case as it comes and offer bespoke and relevant support to each person, so it’s difficult to give exact figures on how much compensation you could be entitled to. However we can give average estimates, and below are some example payouts which we’ve secured.

  • Mr P was awarded £12,000 after suffering tendon and nerve damage while working in a coffee shop. Read the case study here.
  • Factory employee Mrs K was awarded £7,500 after losing a finger in a workplace accident – read the case study here.
  • Miss C awarded £8,000 for scalding injuries suffered after slipping on water at work while carrying a tray of drinks. Find out more here.

You can also visit our compensation calculator to see how much you could claim for the specific type of injury you have suffered.

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