Back injury compensation: how much could you claim?

Back injuries come in many forms and some guidance as to how much you could claim is below:

  • Strains and sprains, good recovery - up to £10,120*
  • Moderate injuries - Up to £31,350*
  • Paraplegia - up to £229,900*

*Note that these amounts only cover injuries such as the ones mentioned above.  If you have suffered a spinal cord injury please click here.

Back injuries are caused by a wide variety of accidents.  They can occur anywhere, including falls or trips the workplace, at home or in a road accident.  

There are four main causes of back pain:

  • Facet syndrome is caused by sudden excessive movement and often causes pain on one side of the spine only.  
  • Sacro Iliac Joint Disfunction is caused by a traumatic incident which affects the joints at the back of the pelvis.  
  • Slipped discs generally occur in the lower lumber region of the spine.  
  • Finally there are stress fractures of the lower spine which are often caused by overuse of the lower back in sport.  

Once we have assessed your back injury claim, one of our talented team of panel solicitors will be able to discuss with you what you may receive.

These types of injuries, particularly more severe ones, are often very complex in their nature, meaning that estimating what someone may be awarded is not straightforward.  As well as dealing with the injury itself, your lawyer will include compensation for time spent off work, healthcare and assistance, and other monetary losses, in your claim.

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